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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Fashion (Part 1)

First off, I'm sorry for the wait on my next post. I've been getting rather busy lately, so if I don't post as much, it's because of that. Don't worry though, I won't leave you guys :D
So today, after looking around and seeing a lot of, well, un-pleasurable fashions, I decided to write a post about fall fashion. So, let's begin with colors!

That right there is a little thing that I found that should help you understand the fall color scheme a bit better. The colors that you where should be more faded and seemingly blend in to the fall landscape around you. Unlike summer, there is less emphasis on where bold or bright colors to stand out. No, fall, like winter, is more about blending in.
Moreover, the colors you where should match the weather. If it's sunny, then you should wear colors that are slightly brighter, such as the yellow on the bottom of the chart. However, if it is very overcast and is raining, then you should wear colors that are darker, such as the grey in the left corner. I hope you get the idea. You really want to blend in with the landscape, that's what will make you look best.

Alright, let's talk about individual articles of clothing now.

Unless it is sunny, I would suggest staying away from shorts, they usually look very out-of-season. However, if you do choose to wear shorts, remember the color scheme, and make sure it blends in.

Khaki’s are alright here. The colors of the khaki pants should try to match the color of the fall leaves that have fallen.
Jeans work well in fall as well. The jean color can be dark or light, depending on the weather. I would avoid pre-torn jeans here, but if you where them, I suggest having minimal tears around the knee's to fit in with the fall landscape. Faded jeans work surprisingly well in fall because they fade in well with the landscape.

Long sleeve and short sleeve shirts both work in fall, just make sure you follow the color scheme. Plaid often works well too, as long as the plaid doesn't have any colors that are "out of character." I would avoid graphic tee’s the make too much of a statement, but that might be just because I dislike graphic tee’s.
There are some common ways that you can wear shirts in fall. Because of the color scheme, you also don't have to worry much about clashing (unless you're REALLY bad, ahaha), anyway, you can where a regular shirt under a plaid button-up shirt (Make sure you button up the plaid shirt somewhat, otherwise you'll look very out of character). You can also reverse that, if the shirt is plain, and it looks pretty good. If you have any fleece textured shirts, those work quite well in fall.

There'll be more to this guide, and obviously, there's so much that I just don't have the time to cover, but if you have suggestions, feel free to post them :D
Also, Remember, off-white is the only good white in fall! (Save some combinations such as sweater vests.)
Sometime in the next two days I'll post about shoes, accessories, and jackets. I might get some pictures up as well.


  1. Jeans and a t-shirt all year long for me lol

  2. whatevers comfortable works out for me.

  3. Love shopping and dressing nice, but it never occurred to me to blend in with the season! Brilliant I say!

  4. That's a good post! My favorite color is black!

  5. All i need are jeans and a good comfy flannel

  6. i should prolly start trying to atleast match a lil

  7. never been one to wear colorful clothing usually, but thanks for the info anyways!

  8. Damn, i never put this much thought in the way I dress....

  9. Nice blog man following and supporting!

  10. thanks ill keep this advice in mind, will be usfeul imsure