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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Fashion (Part 2)

Alright, so it took a while, but here's the next post in my latest series for you guys!
I'll get right off the bat.


This is the best time of the year to break out those nice brown or tan colored shoes.  Be it boots or the classic man's dress shoe, these shoes always do wonders in fall.  Brown shoes really blend in with the landscape and really complete the fall look.  Hiking boots can be pulled off for style if done correctly in this season too.
Another great shoe that works well is the black shoe.  You want to make the shoe compliment the rest of the outfit, not stand out, and that is why these dark colors work best during the fall.  Generally speaking, you want your shoes to match with your shirt.  This will make your style look more "full."
There are a few things you want to avoid in relation to shoes during the fall.  First off, avoid glossy or shinny shoes.  You don't want to draw too much attraction to your feet.  It's better to draw attraction to the whole portrait that is you by giving yourself a decent base.  I have these lovely felt-topped, black dress shoes that do wonderful for fall.  They are really easy to make compliment my whole portrait without drawing attention to themselves.  Another thing that should be avoided is white or bright colored shoes.  These shoes will not fit in with the fall color scheme, landscape, and hopefully not the style you'll be wearing in the fall.


This is a fun subject right here.  In fall, scarves are one of the best accessories that you can wear.  You usually want the the scarf to compliment the shirt, but this can be done by contrast or by similarity (in terms of color). I suggest going to shop and just trying on different scarves with different outfits.  Scarves usually add a lot to the current clothing being worn, and it'll make you look much more fashionable (I hope, if not then you're doing it wrong!).  There are many different ways you can tie the scarf around your neck as well.  I advise you to go look online for a guide about different scarf ties, it's sort of like a tie in some aspects.
In terms of belts, it's best to wear dark colored belts.  Like before, shinny is bad.  What's amazing in the fall is usually a belt that's faded leather.  Trust me when I say it can look amazing.  Try to get your belt to match with your shoes.
For various jewelry around the neck and wrists, all I can say is try not to be shinny.  I've said it before, but I'll say it again, shinny is bad.  The color, however, is more versatile for these sorts of things, and so, such as with the scarves, experiment.
The last accessory that I'll cover is the bag.  Usually, the bag that you have should last you through the seasons if you planned right, but I'm going to still go over a couple of things.  The color of the bag should be dark, save khaki.  The size of the bag is dependent on you, but I suggest that it not be a backpack.  Don't shop at Fossil, they're way overpriced for pieces of sh**.  Faded leather is usually good for a bag, but it can really be any material.  Think of the bag as another frame of your portrait.  You want it to make the portrait more noticed, in a good way.


Jackets in the all are absolutely amazing.  I think that any sort of jacket/ sweater/ sweatshirt really completes the fall look (along with the shoes).  Let's start with an essential: the pea coat.  If you don't know what this is, then you'd better find out fast.  These coats are amazing.  Generally speaking, they cover most of your outfit, so it's good to have them in a dark color.  Be careful to not get anything too gaudy as well.
Now that we've covered one of my favorite articles of clothing ever, I'm going to talk about the three types of jackets I've listed in general terms.
Most of the jackets you want to where should be dark in color.  They all will reveal only the collar area of anything that you are wearing underneath.  A white dress shirt (the man's little black dress) should usually suffice for what is visible underneath the jacket.  However, we can get more creative.  If you can pull it off, you can where a nice plaid underneath it, or stripes.  For the rest of us that can't do that as easily, you can where other solid-colored shirts underneath with a nice color, or those mini check dress shirts (I mean the ones with really small checks, they can look really nice under a jacket).The color of the shirt underneath should be complementary to the jacket, or at least a noticeably different color.
Another thing that can be worn under the jacket is a scarf.  The scarf should blend in with the jacket and cover up to at least half way up your neck.  A thick scarf looks really nice here, but save the wool for the winter.  If you have thinner scarves (which are actually just plain marvelous in the fall) then make sure you make a bulge in that color spot where the scarf and the jacket meet.

That's all I have for now, my brain is beginning to die (as usual).  Until next time, good luck! :D