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Friday, September 10, 2010

Oral care, pictures and more!

Ok, first off, I'd like to post up the pictures that I promised you guys from last post!
I'll just put down the pictures according to the steps from last post.
Just got out of the shower, got a warm sweatshirt on.

This is the gel that I use.  You can get it at your local salon for about $12.

That's the amount of gel I use most of the time.

Gel in hair, time to go to sleep.

3.  Sorry, no pictures of me sleeping
That's the product I use when I wake up.
It's the generic version of the Chi Silk Remedy.

This is one drop of it, but it's actually a bit too much.

The finished product! :D

Alright, so there's the pictures to go along with the post from 2 days ago, as promised :D
Now on to oral care.  This is going to be a very simple topic, but it will help you get better breath and whiter teeth cheaper!
The brush:
This is very simple stuff.  When you brush your teeth, give it a good effort.  Brush all your teeth evenly, making sure you get that small point where the gums meet the teeth.  Keeping this area clean will greatly attribute towards better breath.  Moreover, don't just brush and then rinse your mouth out.  Brush, rinse the tooth brush, brush, rinse the tooth brush, brush, rinse the tooth brush and then just spit.  Most of all, for better breath make sure that you BRUSH YOUR TONGUE! This will result in whiter teeth, much better breath, and many less cavities.  The last tip about brushing is the time you brush at.  At night it doesn't matter as much, but in the morning, if you're a coffee or tea drinker, brush your teeth after you drink the coffee or tea, this way you prevent some of the staining of the plaque on your teeth.
The next step is flossing.  I won't really go over this much, just make sure you get ALL of the space between your teeth and gums.  This will help your breath.
You can use mouthwash here, but I tend to not.
The final step is the really easy, cheap way to get whiter teeth.  At night, after you've brushed your teeth, put a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into your mouth.  This is a mild bleaching agent for your teeth.  DO NOT SWALLOW!  Anyway, rinse it around and leave it for about 5 minutes before spitting it out.  This will help kill harmful bacteria in your mouth as well as helping you with getting whiter teeth.

If you are very concerned with your teeth being whiter, there's one more thing you can do about once a week, and that is to brush with baking soda and salt.  Baking soda and salt are mild adhesives that will help grind off all of the plaque on your teeth.  Remember, it's the plaque that's stained, not the teeth themselves.  Afterwards rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide and spit, there's no need to keep it in your mouth this time.

That's it for the basic oral care here.

A few things before I go, updates, what not.

I am accepting requests now.  If there's something you would like to learn about or know, just comment on this post, or my following posts and I will do my best to take a day to write about it.

And an update in fashion in Seattle:
At Urban Outfitters, there's a CARDIGAN WALL :D


  1. I don't know man. I think it's important to brush at night (or at least rinse) because there's 8 hours in which bacteria can reproduce inside your mouth. That's not to say I do it. I'm actually a fucking slob.

  2. Well of course you should brush at night!

  3. You smile a lot xD just saying...

  4. Woah, you're pretty cute :3 Where are you from?

  5. very nice style, i'll definitely come back to check out my trendyness level. if you are so inclined

  6. That looks pretty good actually. I love the color of your hair :D. I'm more of a dirty blond :P

  7. Is it a natural dirty blond, or dyed?

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