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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Helpful tips for hair and skin cont.

As promised, I will now continue to give my hair care tips.
Alright, here we go.
Let's first talk about shampooing.  First off, make sure you get a shampoo that is right for your hair, I use the John Frieda-- Sheer Blonde series because it helps protect my hair from damage, it moisturizes it well, and it all around makes my hair look better.  However, I have not noticed it changing the color of my hair at all (I'm a natural blonde). I shampoo once a day.  There are, however, a lot of sites that will tell you that this is bad.  I have found that it actually greatly depends on the TYPE of hair you have.  I am going to give a few examples.
If you have fine hair, then it's most likely your hair doesn't look too oily, but also doesn't get too dry.
If you have thick hair and it does not get oily very quickly, then it is advised to shampoo only once every two days.  If you shampoo more than this, your hair can get very dry because of a lack of oil.  This makes the hair look damaged.
If you don't know if you have oily hair or not, here are some general rules to follow:
Because curly hair is a result of the oi to become oily quicker.  Because of more oil in the hair than most people, it is good to shampoo daily so thatls not traveling down the entire hair strand, it is likely that you have non-oily hair if you have curly hair.  Shampoo once every two days if this is the case.
If you have naturally straight hair then your hair probably has more oils in it and you should shampoo once a day.
If you exercised, you should shampoo.

Let's move on to conditioner now.  Again, make sure you get a product that is right for your hair.  Some of you won't even have to condition though.
If you have very thick hair then I advise against conditioning.  The reason for this is that conditioners usually coat your hair in something to make it more manageable or softer, smoother, etc.  This is bad for people with thick hair because the conditioner builds up on the hair and makes it look very flaky and damaged.
Now, if you have frizzy, thin, and/ or naturally drier hair, then I advise using a conditioner.  The best way to apply the conditioner is to put it on your fingertips and really work it through your hair.  Afterwards, leave it in for at least five minutes.  It's best to leave it in for longer if you can.  When you're done with your shower, just rinse it out.

When you rinse your hair out for the last time before you get out of the shower, rinse it with the coldest water you can bear.  This does two things.  First, if you used conditioner, it keeps more of the conditioner in that helps keep the hair more soft and shiny. Secondly, The cold water dries in your hair much better.  If you use hot water to rinse, the way it evaporates creates more tangled and frizzy hair after a shower!

A few things before I'm done with this post:
Damaged hair can not be repaired, all the products lie, but a good way to make hair look healthier is to put mayonnaise and the yellow part of an egg into your hair and leave it as a masque.  The general rule is to leave it in for about 15-30 minutes.  Make sure it dries.  I wouldn't do this more than once a week, but it really helps put all the moisture back into your hair, giving it a fuller, smoother look.

That's all I can type for now, ahahah, I'll post more tips for hair and skin and also good fashion finds that I find after this.  I HOPE THIS HELPED!


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  7. Yeah gonna have to change my ways. Lovin it so far!

  8. Hmm the cold water rinse is interesting...I use head and shoulders haha

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