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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let's Get Healthy! (Part one)

Alright, first off, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.  School and my job take up most of my time in a day -_-
Basically, this post is going to be about different health habits that will make you healthier, and your skin will reflect that.
Let's start off with some basics.

  • It's likely that you aren't getting all of your vitamins a day, so make sure you take a multivitamin in the morning.  This will help you greatly.  You will feel healthier and you'll get sick less often.
  • Stop drinking soda. Seriously, it's disgusting the arguments I hear about why it's "good for you."  The carbonation in soda dehydrates you, and so you receive almost no hydration from soda.  Moreover, it contains many sugars and other substances that will make you over-all less healthy and become more tired over time via crash.
  • Drink tea.  This is much cheaper than soda, it has many more good effects for your body, and it will end up tasting better.  At first, drinking unsweetened tea will be disgusting, but your body will soon make it taste good because it's better for your body (this is simple biology).  Tea has antioxidants to help you not get sick.  It has calming properties that help with stress.  It has natural caffeine that won't make you crash, will give you a boost, and also will help with stress.
  • Get enough sleep.  Need I explain?
Now for some intermediate topics.
  • Avoid weight loss programs (yes, all of them).  Seriously, you can do this on your own, just make an affirmation.  The basics are as follows.  Avoid unnatural sugars.  Sugars in things such as milk are naturally occurring sugars, these are OK.  Eat non-processed foods.  An easy way to tell if it's processed is to look at its fiber value.  The more fiber it has, the less processed it is.  Fiber = healthier weight (you poop out more bad stuff).  Exercise by doing things such as running.  Things such as weight lifting burn muscle, not fat, avoid them.  Just eat less, as in, don't sit down at the TV and start eating ice cream, chips, popcorn, etc.  Only eat what you'll need to eat, maybe have a little snack at times.  Stop watching as much TV, get off Facebook, whatever gets you away from starring at a screen will get you up and more active, meaning a healthier weight.  And once again, make an affirmation.
  • Eat more fiber.  You can get this in a lot of grains, also, a whole apple contains 100% of your daily fiber (a large apple).  This will keep more of the bad things out of you instead of in you.
  • Hungry? Eat something such as whole wheat bread, an apple, some vegetables, drink some milk, have an egg.  Or, drink tea, the caffeine in tea will suspend your appetite.
I'll discuss the advance topics in the next post, as they will take up much more space.


  1. very good tips. I dont know If I can give up facebook tho :P

  2. vitamins get u fat

  3. Vitamins get you fat if you eat things such as vitamin E, which is fat soluble as opposed to vitamin A, C, or D which are water soluble.

  4. These tips are very important to a healthy lifestyle. Seriously, everybody, this guy knows what he's talking about. I had to discover a lot of these things over the years by myself, and it wasn't exactly the easiest. Hopefully part two will be just as informative as this.