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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Helpful tips for hair and skin

Alright, so I'm going to start with a couple of tips I learned to keep healthy skin.  I am a fair skinned male, I don't know if that makes any difference.  Anyway, here we go.
Make sure you exfoliate your skin at least once every three days.  I have bad acne, and so I do so every day.  It works very well, the acne is almost invisible now.  Baking soda can work well to exfoliate, but don't do that ver often! It is very hard on your skin.
When shaving (if you shave) you can use soap instead of shaving cream and it will work just as well.  This can save you some money.
It may not seem to make much difference, but buying a decent pore toner will really help make your skin look much smoother.  You don't need to use much of it, just twice a day using a cotton pad.
If you're prone to dark circles under the eyes, one of the best thing you can do is eat more fruit.  However, you can still use a simple dark circle remover which will help the rest of the way.
On eating habits, I found a few things that really help.
Don't eat too much vitamin E, it is fat soluble and so extra vitamin E will stay in your skin and make you look more bloated.
Green tea works wonders for making the skin look much clearer and radient.  It also helps remove the black circles under your eyes.
Don't eat too much sugar, it contributes to making the skin look unhealthy, however, a small amount will make the skin look slightly more radient.
Of course, make sure you get enough fruits and vegetables, they help a lot to give good looking skin.

The last part is a few habits too help your skin.
Try not to touch your face much, this will help prevent zits from appearing on the skin.
Shower before you go to bed, that way less chemicals get on your pillow and on to your face.
Try to sleep with the back of your head on the pillow, this will help prevent uneven wrinkles on the face.
Wash your face twice a day.
DO NOT use too many products that remove oil from the skin, your body will respond by producing MORE oil and you will have more zits.
ABOVE ALL make sure you use a decent moisturizer daily, such as Aveeno.

I will post hair care next, and other tips as I learn.  Good luck!


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  2. Useful. I will share these with my girlfriend.
    Anyways, following!

  3. Following for more tips. My pores are always so dirty!

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